Room with a view: 1 year of timelapses from hotel windows

Posted on 03. Feb, 2011 by in timelapse

Room with a view: 1 year of timelapses from hotel windows from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

Shot over a period of one year taking in many locations over the USA, Europe and more.

Shot with Canon DSLRs, Nikon DSLRs, GH1 and Ricoh point and shoot

Music by Camille Saint-Saens: Danse Macabre


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  1. Eric Z

    03. Feb, 2011

    Some shots are really great here, yet a lot more are rather boring.
    is not it all about searching for the perfect shots with the magical light rather than taking pictures from hotels.

    With all the respect to Philip’s work it seems there are a lot of average images in his recent videos, which is sad. It would be great to see something like Sky or Skywalker Ranch again.

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  2. Desiree Smock

    04. Feb, 2011

    I find that comment interesting, EricZ – it strikes me that too many artists spend all their time looking for the ‘perfect shot’ or magical light and miss the real story which is the life that is going on around us while we are so busy working – I don’t know Philip personally, but I have seen enough of his work to know that he spends a fair amount of time searching for (and creating) scenes and stories that push the envelope visually, technologically and as a storyteller. However, I appreciate that in this piece, he has taken the time to show the back story – his camera at work at the window of the many hotel rooms, airport lobbies, places where time was passing while he was working. I loved it. I didn’t even mind that I had seen some of the footage before. Brought altogether and experienced as a whole, it was quite powerful to see all the places this man has traveled and worked. And I’ll never get tired of time-lapse the way PB does it. I saw plenty of magical light in this piece….and the music was perfect!

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  3. Eric Z

    07. Feb, 2011

    I agree that most of the artists do miss the story and in fact miss that perfect shot, yet I do not see any story here either. Sequence of the shots is arbitrary, not much sense there. If the viewer knows who Philip Bloom is, then he can at least have some attachment to Philip’s personality and his travels through all those hotels locations, but think for the moment of an average viewer, who appreciates the cinematography and the story in the films, but has no idea who Philip is, does this video still tell any story. I feel none of his recent works have any story.

    I must agree that music fits well: I especially liked the shot with palms, visually, and how well it fits with the music, yet I felt that the music overshadows the video, music is much more powerful and a lot more beautiful. Vimeo is not a YouTube, so if filmmaker creates a cinematography piece, then visual should dominate it over the music, and music should just complete the overall experience, unless of course it is a collaboration between the artists. I doubt it applies here with the established composer of XiX century and performed by one of the greatest orchestra in the world. I wanted to clarify that I do not mind to hear such a great music in Vimeo videos, but then I at least want to see imagery of the same caliber.

    Regarding time-lapses: I watched a lot of timelapses on Vimeo with a better photography and dynamics, which do not get much attention since coming from newcomers without the fan base, and of course I should express my admiration and respect for work of Tom Lowe, who spends so much time searching for the light and never films from the hotels. I was also glad to see that he used the music of unknown musician in his last work, which is great. Two different approaches.

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