Published on July 4, 2012 by planetMitch

A documentary movie about a middle age domed vault that is being built today in Guedelon, Burgundy, France.
GUEDELON “Deep in secluded woodland, an abandoned quarry reveals a landscape seemingly untouched since the dawn of the last millennium. Out of this wood and stone, using 13th century building techniques, a castle is being created.”

Director _ Benoit Millot _
Production _ Thibault Martin _goodideas_
Images _ Benoit Millot _ Antoine Pierlot _Sébastien Jousse
Écriture _ Benoit Millot
Montage_ Franck Littot
Ingénieurs du son_ Arnaud Devillers
Garphisme After Effect_ Antonin Waterkeyn
Sound Design & mixage_ Pocket Studio
Musique_ Renaud Garcia-Fons_Cezame music agency_

© Goodideas


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