Published on September 28, 2012 by planetMitch

There is nothing like walking into a space that you KNOW is full of memories,
That sense of joy that you know was once experienced,
The conversations that will remain within the confines of these four walls —
Late night pipe-dreams rarely seeing the light of day.
A place where craftsmanship comes in many forms.
This craftsmanship passed down though generations.
Enveloping a rich history of memories.
Memories from a forgotten past preserved as relics,
Encased in a complex system of interconnected elements.
Each relic holding a familiar memory, remaining untouched until a younger generation,
Memories evolving and maturing over time,
But knowing these memories will remain untouched.
Shot using the Kessler K-Pod System & Hercules Head
Equipment provided by Eric Kessler
Special Thanks to Wayne & Diane Kanak


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