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It’s that time of the year again: new time-lapse short film release! If you have a few minutes to spare, check it out. I’m sending this out to you first because there are some unique techniques being used (i.e. under / over water moco D-SLR time-lapse) that might be relevant and of interest to your readers. Additionally, a majority of the sequences were captured using a 3D printed dolly (multiple designs). The latest design iteration is available for free to anyone with access to a 3D printer.


Here’s a link to the new 3D dolly design: <>

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Video Description:

Best Viewed in Full Screen (with scaling turned off)

From meandering streams and forest-dwelling organisms to the grandeur of high mountains above tree-line, this short film wanders through the contrasting wilderness of Alaska, North Carolina, Georgia and California.

WANDERMENT is the result of a 12-month collection of 4K time-lapse sequences captured while backpacking. Countless miles of hiking in the Appalachian Mountains and adventurous backpacking in California and Alaska provided no shortage of opportunity to capture the planet’s poetry in motion. Further juxtaposing these contrasting landscapes is the use of both color and black and white techniques throughout the film. Each time-lapse sequence, comprised of hundreds of still images, represents a chance to share these reflective moments far away from urban epicenters. It offers a simple reminder to step outside with your friends and family to experience and respect nature first-hand.

Produced by The Upthink Lab [Atlanta, Georgia] –
Cinematography & Direction by Doug Urquhart
In-studio Funghi Cinematography by Doug Urquhart and Erik Huber
Film Score by Curtis Schweitzer –
Color Correction & Editing by Doug Urquhart

High five to all my friends who shared the path less traveled and hauled extra equipment along the way:
Karen Urquhart, Guy Thorsby, Chris McClure, Greg Gunter

A majority of this film was shot using a 3D printed motion control dolly by Doug Urquhart. For more info about printing your own version of this dolly, check out:

Motion Control by / /

Follow along:

Mycology Support by Steven Bell, @

Special Thanks to:
Erik Huber, Brad Ballard and Sweetwater Creek State Park, Meghan J. Ward, Jim & Margi Urquhart, Brian Burling, Jay Burlage, Fred Beal, K2 Aviation, Seward Helicopters, Rylan Hayes, Instructables, Ultimaker, Shapeways, i Materialise, Joe Stock and Dan Oberlatz

Equipment used: Canon 6D, Canon 5D3, Canon T3i running Magic Lantern (3+ month solarCam, underwater control), Samyang Cine Primes (14,24,35,85), Canon 70-200, eMotimo TB3, Dynamic Perception Stage Zero & One, Custom 3D printed motion control gear (powered by eMotimo code) to reduce weight for backpacking, custom focus stacking technique via Dragon Frame (we hope to see this as a real feature in a future release), Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, LRTimelapse, and quality gear from Western Mountaineering, REI, The North Face and Outdoor Research.

For licensing inquires, please contact doug -at-

Thanks for watching!


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