Published on September 26, 2012 by planetMitch

There’s often nothing quite like the peaceful experience of a quiet city by night. Graceful in form and proud in purpose, it can hurt us as well as guide us. And sometimes, faced with an uncertain future, the beauty of that city can remind us of who we are, and in short order ignite our hearts.
NEW: Read Rick’s BTS blog post about this shoot:
This modern take on a classic, essential love story was an experiment in quick, present “digital” filmmaking. We went out one late night in Boston, MA with a Canon EOS Cinema C300 camera seeking to showcase some local talent and push the camera to it’s absolute low light breaking point using a slow (for night) Canon 17-55 F2.8 IS lens. We used a video monopod, and a pair of quite versatile Switronix Torch BOLT handheld bi-color LEDs to add contrast and fill. Other than that we used a Zoom H4N for natural sound, and nothing else. No monitors but the built in EVF, not even the C300 monitor unit. No rigging but the C300 handle. Nothing but us, the city, and a story to tell.
Starring the beautiful Heajee Leah Kim and her real boyfriend Joe Cooke.
Written, Directed, Edited, and Co-Produced by Paul Antico
Cinematography and Co-Produced by Rick Macomber
Production and Lighting Assistant: Aaron Strader
Sound Design by Paul Antico
Music: Waiting for the Ice to Melt by Sarah Schachner (on Vimeo’s Music Store)
Voice of Joe’s Text Messages: Paul Antico
Filmed in Boston MA one late summer night in August, 2012.
Special thanks to Switronix.


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