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We set ourselves the challenge of telling this story without using any people. We wanted something magical, taking inspiration from videos like the Third & Seventh and films such as the Fantastic Mr. Fox. It’s an adventure, something that should make you feel like a kid again.

The three story lines each have a distinct shooting style and colour grade and the 3 styles come together at the end.

This was filmed in collaboration with Joe Pearson from Joe Pearson Photography and Richard Osborne from Green Goat Films We developed it together from stage one, getting up before sunrise to trek nearly a mile down to the beach along (what we didn’t realise was) a flooded flood plane; we found out quickly.

The shoot took one day and we moved from the beach to the the forest, unwittingly shooting this on the shortest day of the year officially, which meant we had until 4 to finish.

It was filmed on a Canon 5D mark iii (and parts on a 7D) using a variety of lenses.

Edited and coloured on FCPX

The song is called Mile Marker by Amy Seeley and the license was purchased through With Etiquette:

There will be a behind the scenes video too, so stay tuned for that.

Oh yes, we also want to say, Happy Holidays to everyone!

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