Published on October 3, 2012 by planetMitch

Music video i shot. directed. edited for ‘A Tale Of Two Cities’
Starring the lovely Laura Jayne
Song produced. mixed. engineered by Kevin Peters @ Anemic Studios
This is a short narrative involving a missing girl, in her after life…she feels lost, wondering around until she finds her own body. When she realises she’s dead, she disappears as she has found comfort knowing her body has been found.
The flags around the band performance, is just a quick reference of markings leading to her whereabouts.
it was one of the hardest tiring shoots, due to loading the gear and moving it
it doesn’t look it as i’ve dulled down the footage a bit…but it was really hot that day, may have even got sun stroke as well as my bad tan lines
inside joke with the band for the day was (TeamGB)
Once again, this shoot would have not been possible without my one and only betty x x x


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