Published on October 2, 2012 by planetMitch

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One crew you can count on two hands, one too-small-to-be-real-budget, and one horrible experience of losing eight days worth of footage during the first attempt. Now, we’re finally able to present you the very first trailer! Hovering between indie and guerrilla filmmaking, the actual short will be around 25 minutes and we expect it to be finished in a few months.
Directed by Ids Aalbers – Produced by Rob Feringa
Cast: Tin Kapetanovic, Hendrik Hensema, Nienke van Staveren, Robert de Wit
Special FX: Giso Spijkerman
Crew: Katja Joumanova, Ramiro Oosting, Aquila Ngoesmin, Friso Aalbers
Soundtrack: Ids Aalbers
Would God forgive the one who has killed with malice intent? Are there really conditions that justify the killing of one person? When does the label “murderer” apply, and does it stick until the end?
The answers remain unclear even in the Bible. But maybe someone has them, someone that was once very close to God
Daniel Gray, a soldier, finds himself in an abandoned and overgrown city. Without any memory of what happend he starts looking for his team, one of them who is very dear to him.
After finding a clue he stumbles upon a curious looking man. The man, introducing himself as Dante, tells him he might know more about the fate of his teammates.
Additional info:
Shot on Canon 550D (t2i) with classic (Contax) Zeiss lenses
Equipment used: Hague Camera Supports, Audio Technica AT897, ART Dual Pre
Shot in Belgium (Charleroi) and Netherlands (Leeuwarden)
Edited in FCP7
SFX in Nuke and AE
Music in Logic Pro with East West’s Complete Composers Collection and ProjectSam’s Orchestral Essentials
Made possible by Rebuild Media and NHL Hogeschool Leeuwarden


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