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Shot by Tanguy Louvigny
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Original music by Peter Nanasi
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This is Armorica, the land of standing stones.
It is also known today as Brittany, the peninsular part of western France.
While exploring the land one can find those giant artifacts, remnants of some ancient and mysterious civilisation.
Some of these standing stones, also known as “Menhirs” and “Dolmens”, are more than 5000 years old.
They are often associated with Celtic Druids, magic, and Telluric forces, but nobody really knows who put them here, why, and how…
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The awesome original music was composed by Peter Nanasi (thanks a lot !) please check his work at
Shot on 60D with Canon 14 2.8 L and Sigma 10-20 4.5
Tonemapped with Photomatix v4.1
Rendered in After effects cs5.5 with the help of GBDeflicker 2.0
Edited in Premiere Pro cs5.5
All images copyright Tanguy Louvigny 2012 – all rights reserved


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