Published on November 5, 2012 by planetMitch

– I’m convinced God has set me up to meet with the coolest people on Earth, so, I figured, let’s make full use of that…I mean, what an amazing time, what a family, it’s fantastic, really, especially when you’re befriending people that you admire and respect and finding out that they even like what you do. It’s like, “Oh my gosh.” Just meeting Claudia Devlin and knowing that she likes what I’m doing is like the coolest award that you can even win. The “Claudia Devlin Has Seen It And Likes It Award.” So cool.
And..I have a lot more things to post from my trip…this is just a quick kudos to Claudia showing me ‘New Slang’ & the bridge that got totaled in pt. 1 of the deathly way to articulate how great that was, so check back….all my best!


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