Published on November 29, 2012 by planetMitch

I'm in southern Utah for Thanksgiving with my brand new Blackmagic Cinema Camera. Yesterday I had about an hour window between family gatherings and took the opportunity to take a quick drive out to Snow Canyon state park with my wife.

I wish I had more time to shoot, but I'll take what I can get. I only changed lenses once from the Sigma 8-16 to the Canon 50mm 1.4. I didn't have any ND so I used a faster shutter speed than I'd normally use. The motion of some shots could definitely be smoother with a 180 degree shutter.

My laptop can't handle Resolve so I did my color in Lightroom. I synced settings across and then tweaked each shot a bit and left them all to render over night. It's a slow laptop. I'll be interested to see if I still like the color when I view it on my calibrated monitor at home.

I've only had the bmc for a short time now and have been kept busy by other things mostly, but overall I'm really liking this camera! You've heard most of what there is to say about the camera already.

-The screen is too reflective
-It's not really ergonomic, but I really don't mind hand holding it at all. It has a nice solid feel.
-The menu is simple and easy to use.
-I like the idea of adding meta-data but so far it's only been in my way. I'll double tap to magnify the screen for focusing and it will only register one tap from time to time and show my the meta data screen.
-I'm having the black sun spot issue. I know it's an easy fix in Resolve, and will probably be fixed in firmware if it hasn't already. I'll have to check whether I have the latest firmware build.

It's just really unbelievable how much is packed into this little camera. If you have a pre-order, then you probably already know about some of the rough edges but are willing to put your money down anyways because the image quality is top notch.

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