Published on June 18, 2014 by planetMitch

I wanted to share with you my latest installment of my Rolling in the Deep series. This time viewing the beautiful animals and reefs of Komodo Indonesia. This area of the world is very mysterious and a must for any diver. I will be completing a macro version in the next couple of months. So stay tuned 🙂

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Description: presents an Underwater Short Film.

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The Rolling in the Deep series takes us to Komodo Indonesia. A wonderful and mysterious place. This short film is to show you some of the coral reefs and animals you could expect during a excursion to Komodo. Shooting ‘Wide’ for the coral reef scenes, I used a Canon 15mm Fisheye, and 8-15mm Fisheye. Paired with a Canon 5d Mark II full frame camera. No Filters were used, and only natural light was used.

I hope you enjoy!

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