Published on August 9, 2014 by Keith Alvendia

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Making of blog post:

This is my entry into the 2014 David Malin astrophotography awards.
I recently got word that I won an award, I will know which one on the 19th of july.

I shot 15000 RAW photos to produce this timelapse short film, all captured in two days and nights, 7 days before the submission deadline.

I wanted to create a film that evoked interest and wonder about The Dish as an object in it’s natural surroundings.

The spiralling startrails are created using a unique workflow, where an existing static image sequence is used to zoom in and create the spiral effect. This sets it apart from regular startrail photos and videos which form concentric circles.

Two cameras were used to cover multiple angles, for example the moon rising or the sun setting.

In total 45 sequences were shot, processed, graded and edited to end up with this 2 minute short film called The Dish.

Thanks go out to the staff at the CSIRO visitor centre and The Dish Cafe.

All image sequences were shot on a Canon 5D MkIII and 600D with a set of lenses ranging from 14mm to 400mm.
Supported by Manfrotto and Miller tripods to keep the setups (dual camera) steady during the long hours of shooting.

Processed in Adobe Lightroom 5, Adobe After Effects CC and edited in Final Cut Pro X.

The masterfile is a 4096×2304 video. (downscaled for the competition’s guidelines to 1920×1080 pixels.)

Final project size is 670 gigabytes, stored on a RAID 1 system.


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